What to Expect

  1. Friendly Natural Carpet Cleaning staff will take your call, answer your questions and schedule your appointment.
  2. Based on your information you give us, we will provide you with a close estimate for your cleaning.  When the Natural Carpet Cleaning certified technician arrives they will take accurate measurements and give you an exact total before the cleaning ever begins.  NO SURPRISES AT THE END!
  3. To prepare for us, we ask that you:
    1. Move all breakables out of the way.
    2. Get as much off the floor, such as toys, clothes and plants so we can clean the maximum area.
    3. Vacuum within 24 hours before we arrive, if possible.
  4. If you are moving in or out, it is necessary to have electricity and water.
  5. If you are a new client, we ask that you please be present when we arrive to discuss the cleaning and approve the total, and at the end of the job to approve the work.
  6. If you are not the first appointment for the day, we give you a 2 hour window because some jobs take longer than estimated. At Natural Carpet Cleaning, we do the best possible job you've ever experienced, even if it means taking a little extra time. Many companies will rush in and rush out in order to see how many jobs they can clean that day. We prioritize your satisfaction, and will take the time necessary to secure each client's approval of each job.
  7. Our uniformed technicians will arrive in a marked Natural Carpet Cleaning vehicle.