Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is important for a couple of reasons.  Professional cleaning not only makes your carpet look better, it also removes heavy soil and that makes the carpet last longer.  Carpet cleaning is important to be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months for average traffic.  The more traffic, the more often your carpets should be cleaned.  

Natural Carpet Cleaning gives you a very thorough cleaning with 15 years of cleaning experience. We use plant derived natural cleaning products and safe green cleaning products in our cleaning process.  We use high powered equipment, along with powerful but very safe cleaning products to remove as much soil as possible.  We choose to use a low moisture encapsulation process that uses agitation and absorption to remove the soil.  This process uses significantly less water than traditional cleaning methods. It's also more convenient for today's busy lifestyle because of the faster dry times, plus it's better for the environment. We have also found that the carpets stay cleaner longer.  

We also clean rugs. We can clean them without having to move them, and without damaging the floor underneath.  

We also have the first "Certified Green" carpet protectant. It safely protects the carpet fiber without putting harsh chemicals on your carpet.  Carpet protectant helps keep your carpet looking better longer, and keeps stains from setting. Over time, the carpet protectant that was originally on the carpet wears off.  If you would like, we can reapply the protective coating.