About Us

After the many years of carpet cleaning, janitorial and pest control work I have done,  it struck me that I needed to consider what the harsh products I had been using were doing to my body.  That set me on a search for something that could benefit my own health and the people of our community.   After researching various carpet cleaning products, I found a product that was natural.  My first thought was "I'm sure that doesn't work as well as the other products we are using".  I am thankful I didn't stop there.  I decided to further research the product, since I was tired of the sickness I would often have after cleaning with chemicals.  As far as my skepticism, I have found that the natural product we use works better than a lot of the harsh chemicals that made me sick.  I am happy to be able to offer this service to those in our community who have been searching for a healthier way of cleaning.